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BitDevs March

Creekside Community Recreation Centre 1 Athletes Way, Vancouver, BC

All levels welcome! **Crowdfund**: To cover rental costs at the Creekside Community Centre: (https://we.encrypt.cash/apps/3f4pB5NNWmZnkryEpMiSDbzVENj9/crowdfund) https://we.encrypt.cash/apps/3f4pB5NNWmZnkryEpMiSDbzVENj9/crowdfund Livestream: (https://youtu.be/KWfFptNLY34) (https://meet.jit.si/moderated/d3cef94b5b40d8a11cba66cd35c15e2fe4de0971ec5c116c4f9ffe76ca27b382) For full experience use YouTube. MC: TBD Speakers: TBD Our hybrid event is modeled on the BitDevs Socratic Seminar format with guest speakers to round out the discussion. All levels (beginner to expert) are welcome and encouraged …