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Unix for Everyone Pt II

April 1 @ 10:00 am - 12:00 pm

We’re back with a second edition of our Unix for Everyone workshop. We will continue where we left off during our [March 4th workshop](https://www.meetup.com/terminus/events/291824422/). You can [watch the recording of that session](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xpAtJkbXmRE).

**Topics we will cover this time:**

1. [Basic Unix commands](https://github.com/bnonni/UNIX/tree/master/slides/Basic-UNIX)
2. [Regular Expressions (regex)](https://github.com/bnonni/UNIX/blob/master/slides/RegEx/Regular-Expression.pdf)
3. [Advanced Unix commands](https://github.com/bnonni/UNIX/tree/master/slides/Advanced-UNIX)
4. [Shell Scripting](https://github.com/bnonni/UNIX/blob/master/slides/Advanced-UNIX/UNIX-Shell-Scripting.pdf)

Join [Bryan Nonni](https://twitter.com/nonni_io) for version 2.0 of demystifying UNIX for you in this free, hands-on workshop. The course is open to all: technical and non-technical, experienced and in-experienced.
**Why should I learn UNIX?**
There’s plenty of reasons to learn UNIX, even if you’re not a developer!

* You want to remotely login to your lightning node and manage it from command line
* You want to improve your skills in engineering
* You want to better understand how your MacBook functions
* You want a quicker way of interacting with your computer
* You want to **look like a badass** in front of all your friends

**Participation Requirements**
**Must Haves:**
1. Come curious
2. Come with a desire to learn
3. Come with a positive attitude

**Nice to Haves:**
1. Computer with a unix-based OS (Mac or Linux)
2. Access to a remote server running Linux
3. Computer with some type of Linux-based shell program

If you do not have a unix-based OS, and you don’t have access to a remote server / VM (or don’t know what that is), fear not! You will be provided access to one.

We will be covering this repo in depth, so please review beforehand: [bnonni/UNIX](https://github.com/bnonni/UNIX).

We will live stream this workshop, so you can join remotely:

* [Twitch](https://www.twitch.tv/terminusbtc)
* [Twitter](https://twitter.com/terminusbtc)
* [Youtube](https://www.youtube.com/@terminuselectricmoneylabor3121)


April 1
10:00 am - 12:00 pm


Terminus Electric Money Laboratory
691 John Wesley Dobbs Ave NE, Suite U-126
Atlanta, ga 30312 us
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