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September 24 @ 3:00 pm - 6:00 pm


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​Technology is a marvellous thing. We are so quick to accept things as they stand, rarely taking the time to reflect on how magical these modern miracles are in actuality. Much of what we take for granted today would be indistinguishable from magic to anyone living just a couple of generations ago. Take a smartphone, for example. A pocket-sized piece of glass that can retrieve any piece of information at any time, talk to you, understand you, recognize faces, read fingerprints, record audio and video, and take high-resolution photographs. It is a flashlight, a compass, a navigation system, a notebook, a calendar, a travel planner, and a million other things. It can hold more books than the Great Library of Alexandria and show you more movies than you could ever watch, even if you had hundreds of lifetimes. And now, it can also hold your money and be your bank.

​As with all technology, you don’t necessarily need to understand how your smartphone works in order to use it. In the same vein, most people have no idea how an internal combustion engine works, yet they drive their car every day. They might have an approximate understanding – one that is good enough to have some faith in the thing they are using – but it will often remain just that: an approximate understanding. How lacking our knowledge of the inner workings of anything truly is becomes apparent as soon as that thing breaks down. Once the car refuses to start, the computer refuses to boot, or the router refuses to connect, our ignorance is laid bare. What is true for the marvels of the present will also be true for the marvels of the future: you don’t need to understand how everything works to use it successfully.

​The best way to become acquainted with technology (or magic, for that matter) is to use it. There is no better way to learn how something works – how it can be useful to you – than hands-on experience. What’s true for cars and smartphones is also true for Bitcoin. It is true for most things in our world, even the most mundane. You probably don’t know every detail of how a lock works, but you know that failing to lock your car or the door to your house might lead to disaster. Similarly, you won’t have to learn all the intricacies of public-key cryptography and hashing functions to understand that mishandling your private keys might lead to disaster as well.


​Even if Bitcoin does not become a mainstream financial tool, the progress would be much more palpable if Bitcoin drives the change. The future of the humanity is much more decentralized and way more less-controlled by power-hungry third parties, including the filthy rich bigwigs and the law-defining government bodies.

​If you notice carefully, the decentralization of human societies has already begun and people now do not prefer any external interference in their lives whether it is a government or a big bank that controls all financial freedoms. The future is brighter than one can imagine. With Bitcoin becoming a symbol of decentralization right since it was invented by Satoshi Nakamoto, the financial lifestyle of people are changing more subtly than imagined.

​The Nakamoto gift is not only making banks and other ‘third party’ financial institutions less powerful, in fact, the cryptocurrencies are making people more empowered and freedom-infested when it comes to handling the financial decisions. This core ideology of decentralization will spread to all forms of human initiatives, and even when many people think Bitcoin is a fraud, it will drive the world more ‘free from third-party clutters and controls’ to create more empowered and smarter societies where the power would lie in people, not in the hands of the leaders.

More ‘Peer to Peer’

​There is hardly any doubt in the fact that the ‘peer to peer’ society is already taking shape in a big way. In an increasingly digital world, where everything is now available on the web, people from distant parts of the globe are exchanging goods and services like never before. The rapport and the interdependence that were the hallmarks of economies and large-scale populations are now becoming tinier and more personal. People from all parts of the world are now taking part in ‘one to one’ transactions, both in lifestyle-oriented and monetary initiatives, and this is making the world a more homogenous place than it was ever in the history of mankind.

​We can easily anticipate that a Bitcoin-accepted world would make this process more intensive. With people having the power to send and receive both money and emotions directly with the person they want, the human society will become more personally interdependent which, before the advent of Bitcoin, was centred on economic attributes of a geographically-distributed populations. The ‘peer to peer’ movement will make the world more aware, culturally richer and personally friendlier than one can imagine, and whatever the reasons, Bitcoin would help shape such an intricate and more humane world to become more palpable.

Busier Yet More Disciplined

​The very tenets of decentralization and ‘peer to peer’ transactions point towards a more active personal life than we currently have. As people become the unit-organizations of financial transactions, it will create a fostering society where each individual will be more responsible for their expenses, more aware about distant geographies and more culturally aware about the needs of people they would have never met if a Bitcoin and cryptocurrency-centred world were absent in the bigger picture.

​Noticeably, this technology-backed interdependent society would be much more peaceful, recorded, and driven by disciplinary measures than ever before. It is already clear from the potential of Blockchain technology that a world with more immutability, more errorless connectability and more straightforward posterity is now going to become a reality much earlier than previously imagined, and Bitcoin would play a major role in this shift from a community-based society to a homogenous and disciplined global population more charmingly and with more efficiency than anyone can guess now.

More Authentic and More Equal

​The Bitcoin revolution is not just about making people more powerful and financially aware, it is also including more unbanked, previously untouched populations to come under the financial scanner. That is, in one way, making more people empowered with the idea of growing wealth in a utilitarian and holistic manner by giving them the power to deal with people with a common currency that has the same attributes everywhere in the world.

Bitcoin that is run by Blockchain is a symbol of equality that has never been available in a fiat world controlled by the top-most layer of the financially empowered population. In spite of making only a few people empowered by the powers of wealth and privileges, Bitcoin is creating a world where everyone can participate with equal rights, equal powers, and equal opportunities.

​When such a beautiful revolution is being unleashed by Bitcoin, its underlying technology is making human initiatives more authentic and countable. With each transaction being recorded in an immutable ledger, a blockchain is a promising tool that can help humanity become more responsible and participatory in a truly utilitarian manner.

​These unavoidable positive benefits that are undeniably futuristic in nature are active in creating the future for all of us, and even if Bitcoin-haters do not accept it, work for a more beautiful and more inclusive world is already in progress.



You will be able to come out and meet, learn and share ideas with fellow Bitcoiners!

​All experience levels are welcome, whether you’re new and curious or have been in the scene for years.

​​Note that we are not a “blockchain” or “cryptocurrency” group.

​There are plenty of those around. We’re Bitcoiners here to talk Bitcoin.


  • ​This event is not a sponsored event. Any food/drinks ordered for yourself will be at your own expense.


September 24
3:00 pm - 6:00 pm


BrewDog Mumbai Bandra
Ground and 1st Floor, Pinnacle House 604, 15th Road, Hinduja Junction, PD Hinduja Rd
Mumbai, Maharashtra 400050 India
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