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Paul Sztorc on Drivechains: Expanding the Horizons of Bitcoin Technology

October 3 @ 6:30 pm - 10:00 pm

Join the Bitcoin Association Switzerland for an insightful discussion on **Drivechains** — a concept proposed by **Paul Sztorc** to augment Bitcoin’s scalability and flexibility while preserving its essential security features.
The rejuvenated approach encourages the use of blind merge mined sidechains. The Level 2 can be designed with any functionality that developers envision, all the while maintaining Bitcoin’s security and its native currency. This allows developers the freedom to experiment with new functionalities, including smart contracts and additional tokens. Sztorc believes that implementing Drivechains will furnish Bitcoin with a competitive edge over all other altcoins, ensuring its leading position in the cryptocurrency market.
Yet, this innovation has stirred debate and generated substantial concern in the Bitcoin community. Industry experts argue that the integration of drivechains might expose Bitcoin to heightened centralization risks and potential security breaches, introducing a stream of new tokens into the system.
We invite you to join the discussion about the future of Bitcoin. In the first part of the event, Paul Sztorc will provide **a comprehensive introduction to the Drivechain concept**, which will be **followed by a panel discussion featuring experts in the field**. Following the debate on the pros and cons of the Drivechain concept, a Q&A session will be held, allowing attendees to direct their queries to the speakers.

Door opening: 18:30
Talk start: 19:00

Sponsor: tba

The Speakers:
**Paul Sztorc**
Paul Sztorc is the CEO at LayerTwo Labs and the mind behind the Bitcoin Drivechain concept, described in BIPs 300 and 301. With a rich background as a statistician and academic, he leveraged his expertise to propose groundbreaking improvements in the Bitcoin network, advocating for the integration of sidechains and prediction markets to foster creativity while maintaining network security. Author of many research articles on Bitcoin that can be found on his blog, [http://truthcoin.info](https://t.co/lsFof8V487)

**Speaker 2: tba2**


October 3
6:30 pm - 10:00 pm


Stauffacherstrasse 60
Zürich, ch
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