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Mempool Summit 2023

May 10 @ 10:00 am - 4:00 pm

A one day summit open to all to bring together bitcoin enthusiasts, aka a superpleb. People who are interested in technical aspects of Bitcoin, running their own nodes, and generally using the technology to its fullest potential.

This will be a free event but space will be limited. Please RSVP.

**What is the mempool?** The mempool (short for “memory pool”) is an area in the Bitcoin blockchain network where unconfirmed transactions are stored until a miner adds them to a block and confirms them. Transactions are broadcasted to the nodes in the network, and each node adds the transaction to its mempool. Miners prioritize transactions based on the fee attached to them, and transactions with higher fees are typically given priority. Once a miner includes a transaction in a block, it is removed from the mempool and considered confirmed.

During the day, we plan to have presentations and discussions which dives into the Mempool and the Bitcoin blockchain including:
– Next Chapter of mempool.space
– Market for Fees and Block Space (Panel)
– Mining Decentralization (Panel)
– Fighting Corporate Competitors with FOSS (Panel)

Initial speakers include:

* [Wiz](https://twitter.com/wiz), Co-Founder of Mempool.space
* [Soft Simon](https://twitter.com/softsimon_), Co-Founder of Mempool.space
* [Jay Beddict](https://twitter.com/JBeddict), VP of Research at Foundry
* [Harry Sudock](https://twitter.com/harry_sudock), Chief Strategy Officer at GRIID
* [Murch](https://twitter.com/murchandamus), Engineer at Chaincode Labs
* [Craig Raw](https://twitter.com/craigraw), Founder and Developer of Sparrow Wallet


May 10
10:00 am - 4:00 pm


1912 21st Ave S
1912 21st Ave S
Nashville, TN 37212 us
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