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Bitcoin Brunch @ Bitcoin Day Naples

January 21 @ 9:30 am - 10:45 am

Bitcoin Brunch at Bitcoin Day, Naples FL! Enjoy a lowkey morning hang-out with fellow Bitcoiners & plebs, a part of Bitcoin Day

Bitcoin Brunch is an open and inclusive gathering for any and all interested in Bitcoin. A place to learn, a place to share, a place to meet like-minded people, a place to have deep conversations, a place to laugh.

We’re excited to break bread with more Bitcoiners in Naples!

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Bitcoin Brunch Code of Conduct

At Bitcoin Brunch, we like to use the The “21 feet” rule : if your conversation or activity is disrupting the greater brunch, please take it 21 feet away.

Have a phone call? – Take it away!

Getting heavy into business with a fellow Bitcoin brunch attendee? Take it away! There are other tables at Naomi’s Garden you can move the conversation to. We’re glad to provide a venue for the sparking of business development for Bitcoiners , but can’t allow it to absorb the greater brunch.

Signing paperwork? We’re not entirely sure why you chose Bitcoin Brunch to be the forum for this: please take it away from the table & consider not bringing your work to Brunch.

Share, don’t shill! If you’d like to present something, just ask the group if they’d like to hear about it!* If you’re interested in shilling: You know where the door is! We welcome healthy conversations and love to hear about new innovations in the space, but have a hard line against shilling**. 21feet + 21 more feet should find you at the exit.

- Be respectful! – Do unto others, lend your ears as much as you use your tongue, and don’t heckle. We appreciate critical thinking, fiery conversation, and heated debate – however as a community, we draw a hard line at heckling.

*We recommend not coming to Bitcoin Brunch if your only intention is to gain new clients/customers/sales – Bitcoin Brunch is a critical bunch & tend to get a little toxic when being shilled.

Looking to start a Bitcoin Brunch in your area? Already have one? We’d love to collaborate!

Submit a brunch, or contact us on any social channel! https://linktr.ee/bitcoinbrunch


Florida SouthWestern State College
8099 College Parkway, ROOM 116
Fort Myers, FL 33919 United States
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