Bitcoin Month

October 5th to November 9th 2023

Bitcoin Month will put the spotlight on Bitcoin adoption and its passionate community, who is building solutions, sharing their knowledge and passion for sound money technology. 

It will create an occasion and frame that brings together like-minded people in meatspace and virtually as a celebration of those working in the shadows, building in public, educating, and bringing about the Bitcoin standard. 

We invite Bitcoiners worldwide to submit their events to the public calendar (possibly Bitcoiner Events?). Whether it’s a Twitter space, a meetup, a workshop, or a hackathon, we welcome all formats.

Why Bitcoin Month? 

  1. We want to create a win-win situation by having a great narrative around Bitcoin adoption by putting the spotlight on the developing Bitcoin communities in Central America, and by extension worldwide – digital and analog. 
  1. We want to bring together Bitcoiners to learn, exchange ideas, meet in meatspace to create & strengthen friendships between plebs and constructive relationships between companies.
  1. With a Bitcoin Month we are connecting the 2 anchor-events of Pacific Bitcoin and Adopting Bitcoin and give Bitcoiners, curious people and companies a reason to come to the region and explore the community and industry.

When will Bitcoin Month be taking place? 

Bitcoin Month is meant to be a destination for all things Bitcoin, starting with the Pacific Bitcoin Festival on October 5th and 6th in Los Angeles and ending with Adopting Bitcoin on November 7th to 9th in El Salvador. 

For those who want to attend Pacific Bitcoin and Adopting Bitcoin, we offer discount flight tickets through Copa Airlines. So take advantage of this opportunity to connect with the Bitcoin community and participate in the Bitcoin Month experience. 

How can I participate in Bitcoin Month?

You can organize an event in your city or online to participate in Bitcoin Month. We will simply add it to the public calendar and communicate about them to help you spread awareness about your initiative. 

To submit an event to Bitcoin Month, simply fill out the following form with a description of your event. Bitcoin Month Submission Form

What type of event will be added to the calendar?

The only events allowed on the calendar will be Bitcoin only.